In Case of Emergency: How You (and Your Clients) Can Prepare for a Market Downturn

Are you ready for the next 2008? Learn what you can do to control the chaos of a market correction.

If you’re like many advisors, the thought of a market downturn probably keeps you up at night.

Perhaps you still have nightmares about the frantic phone calls and emails you received from clients the last time volatility reared its ugly head. You are definitely not alone.

But, you don’t have to let that fear run your life and your firm. In fact, a bear market could actually lead to increased client engagement and referrals if handled properly.

Join Paul West, Managing Partner of Carson Wealth, and Scott Wood, Carson Group Executive Business Coach, for a webinar where they’ll help you create a market downturn strategy, as well as deliver these key takeaways:

  • What you should be telling clients about volatility now to avoid emotional investing later.
  • How to create a solid communication plan and defined operational process that you can execute on a moment’s notice in the event of a downturn.
  • How to ensure your client experience and value proposition are about more than performance.